Employers who fail to keep on top of their ongoing automatic enrolment duties risk large fines

Automatic enrolment is a continuing process for employers – it doesn’t end once you’ve put your staff into a workplace pension. Employers have ongoing responsibilities that they need to complete, and to stay compliant you will have to: „

  • assess the age and earnings of staff who aren’t enrolled in a workplace pension each time you pay them, to see if they need to be put into one „
  • work out how much money you need to pay into your staff’s scheme every time you pay them „
  • continue to make the payments that are due into the scheme every time you run payroll
  • write to staff to let them know what’s happening „
  • keep records relating to your workplace pension scheme

Enforcement teams have also been conducting spot checks around the country – so employers should make sure they’re staying on top of their legal duties as we may pay them a visit.  Below are details of some of the powers used.